Endowment Committee

Funds available for grants are considerably less for 2024 compared to prior years, please consider this in your requests. Due to these limited resources, the grant request window for 2024 will close on August 31 and no grant applications will be accepted after this date. All grant submissions will be reviewed after August 31 with decisions communicated and funding disbursed by October 15, 2024

Through the offering of financial support to individuals and organizations, this committee is ‘linking lives in the love of Christ.’

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Your application responses are not saved until the “Submit” button is clicked. If you close your browser tab before clicking submit, your responses will be lost. AS LONG AS YOU KEEP THE INTERNET BROWSER TAB WITH YOUR (IN-PROGRESS) E-APPLICATION OPEN, YOUR RESPONSES SHOULD REMAIN AS YOU ENTERED THEM. Accordingly, please enter answers in one sitting or keep the e-form open on one of your browser tabs until you are ready to click “Submit.”

Please direct any questions to our parish office, 989-631-2260.

St. John’s Endowment Committee considers grant applications from its neighbors near and far, all over the world, who demonstrate a will and ability to carry out God’s call and provide the information our application requires. The minimum amount requested must not be less than $1500. We actively seek appropriate “linking” projects to fund and encourage parishioners and others to approach us with ideas/ proposals.

Each year, at least three new individuals are elected by the congregation to serve a 3-year term on the Endowment Committee. ^Indicates committee chair(s). Class years listed below indicate members who will rotate off this committee in January of a specified year.

If interested in serving on this elected board, please let us know. Current Endowment Committee members are listed below:

  • Class of 2025: ^Tony Germain, Lydia Nyabul
  • Class of 2026: Basil Clark, Roger Moll, Barb Tazelaar
  • Class of 2027: Pat Roush, Marnie Bash, Emily Garlinghouse