Endowment Committee

Through the offering of financial support to individuals and organizations, this committee is ‘linking lives in the love of Christ.’

Beginning in 2022, we ask all grant applicants to use our electronic application. For instructions, supportive information, and the link to our electronic application, please click the link below.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Your application responses are not saved until the “Submit” button is clicked. If you close your browser tab before clicking submit, your responses will be lost. AS LONG AS YOU KEEP THE INTERNET BROWSER TAB WITH YOUR (IN-PROGRESS) E-APPLICATION OPEN, YOUR RESPONSES SHOULD REMAIN AS YOU ENTERED THEM. Accordingly, please enter answers in one sitting or keep the e-form open on one of your browser tabs until you are ready to click “Submit.”

The first meeting when our Endowment Committee will consider grant applications for the 2022 cycle is March 23 and our committee typically meets monthly on the fourth Wednesday. Please direct any questions to our parish office, 989-631-2260.

St. John’s Endowment Committee considers grant applications from its neighbors near and far, all over the world, who demonstrate a will and ability to carry out God’s call and provide the information our application requires. The minimum amount requested must not be less than $1500. We actively seek appropriate “linking” projects to fund and encourage parishioners and others to approach us with ideas/ proposals.

Each year, at least three new individuals are elected by the congregation to serve a 3-year term on the Endowment Committee. ^Indicates committee chair(s). Class years listed below indicate members who will rotate off this committee in January of a specified year.

If interested in serving on this elected board, please let us know. Current Endowment Committee members are listed below:

  • Class of 2023: ^Chris Lauckner, Carol Sullivan
  • Class of 2024: Jenny Estabrook, Charlotte Jacqmain, Kathy McCreedy, Jeff Pennex
  • Class of 2025: John Adams, Tony Germaine, Lydia Nyabul

We welcome those newly elected and thank those who concluded their faithful service on the Endowment Committee in Jan 2022: Rachel Blackhurst, Jenny Kent, and Gail Hoffman.


The committee was very cognizant of approving funds to local, regional, intercontinental United States, and international organizations that offered a complete description of their projects and financial needs. To perform the committee’s due diligence, we requested and received additional information on several occasions. In total, $151,232.00 was granted aligned to 19 approved grants. For specifics on endowment grants approved last year, please visit the Endowment Committee section of St. John’s 2021 Annual Report.

Fall 2021: St. John’s is excited to support Midland County Habitat For Humanity’s work to dismantle barriers that often prevent people who live on low incomes from purchasing a home of their own. Our Endowment Committee was a top sponsor of their recent Virtual Jubilee, the kickoff event for their multiyear campaign. Click here to learn how you can help create affordable home ownership, stability and empowerment opportunities for our neighbors.


Our Committee received grant requests totaling well over twice the funding available, making for many difficult decisions. Facing a pandemic globally, and catastrophic flooding locally, the Committee sought to focus our grant-making on addressing local needs. When we made grants outside of our local region, we focused on opportunities that allowed our congregation and other local groups to participate. Ultimately, our Committee approved 20 grants totaling over $135,000. The bulk of these grants were focused directly on the City of Midland, Midland County, and the Great Lakes Bay Region. For specifics on endowment grant recipients who were approved in 2020, please visit that section of St. John’s 2020 Annual Report.


The Endowment Committee gave out just under $150,000 in 2019. We emphasized local needs, but also approved grants to national and international organizations. We also continued to fund pre-existing commitments including seminary scholarships. For details on endowment grant recipients approved in 2019, please visit that section of St. John’s 2019 Annual Report.

Past Endowment Committee Grants

Endowment Committee Grants

Families Against Narcotics $5,000 for their work in fighting drug addiction in our region. They will use the money for their “Hope Not Handcuffs Angel” program in which they assign a volunteer to meet an addict at the police station and help them get treatment.

St. John’s Endowment Committee approved a grant of $10,000 to the Flood Recovery Project: Disaster Relief Fund in Midland to complete home restoration and rehabilitation from damage suffered during the June 23, 2017 flood event. 

April 21, 2018 Midland Daily News Letter to the Editor

In addition to the Episcopal Relief & Development matching grant, St. John’s Endowment Committee approved a grant for Educate to Elevate at its November meeting.  $3,500 was approved for this personalized, faith-based sponsorship & mentoring program to help with an at-risk student’s tuition at Delta College. 

A $20,000 grant for the Adopt-A-Village program in Guatemala will be used to train villagers to grow healthy vegetables to improve nutrition in their area.  Click here for information on Adopt-A-Village In Guatemala

$20,000 to the Episcopal Relief and Development fund for disaster relief in the Gulf area. 

$8,964 to the  Children’s Grief Center of the Great Lakes Bay Region for a nationally known guest speaker who is going to visit their organization and train volunteers to work as peer support group facilitators to help children through grief. 

$24,000, with Vestry approval, for 150 trees commemorating 150 years of The Episcopal Church in our community.  The trees will be available to Midland community members, St. John’s & Holy Family.

$113 for Environmental Mission Team at St. John’s for locally grown fresh vegetables for the food pantry.

$20,000 for the  Christian Appalachian Project that repairs trailers for low-income families. This amount will help local people repair 4 trailers.

$13,000 for  Young Life to expand their empowering educational activities and outreach work for young pregnant women or teenage mothers.

ACT Uganda   – This organization that helps orphans and women in poverty was granted $5,000 for security items to protect the organization’s assets.

Enterprise Development and Governance Facility, Ghana – $5,000 for a micro-lending program to help women start small businesses

HIS Restoration Maternity Shelter Ministry, Great Lakes Region Michigan  – $20,000 to purchase a mobile home for a single mother in poverty

St. John’s Preschool, Midland   – $5,000 for scholarships for low-income families.

Centre Lumiere  – A new kitchen for this organization that focuses on empowering poor women in Haiti by teaching them hotel and restaurant trade skills.

The Salvation Army  – The Salvation Army SHARE summer camp for low-income children.

St. John’s Preschool  – Grant for their directorship to increase their enrollments and the services they provide.

Tumaini Center Kenya – A water purification system for an organization that serves as an orphanage and a school.

Nonviolence Peaceforce   – A grant to help fund a peacekeeper who will promote nonviolent conflict resolution and education in the Middle East.

Seminary Scholarships – Scholarships for two Episcopal seminary students.

St. John’s Bell Choir – Refurbishing hand bells for the church.

Humane Society of Midland County  – Money for a generator that is part of their renovation project to offer greater welfare to the abandoned and abused animals in Midland.

Pregnancy Resource Center  – Grant for technology to help low-income pregnant women who come to their center.

Midland Community Former Offender Advocacy and Rehabilitation Program  – A grant to help this program develop and maintain its program of rehabilitating former offenders through job training and placement.

Adopt a Village in Guatemala  – A grant to help a program of self-sustaining gardens for six Mayan Villages.   

ACT Uganda  – A grant to buy a motorcycle to help with the transportation of the goods that the program’s participants make that help poor women be economically self-sufficient.

Young Lives Program  – a grant to help pregnant teenagers form a community and receive help from women mentors.

Diocese of Eastern Michigan  – A grant to help with the Flint, MI water crisis.

Meeting a huge need for Midland County’s homeless, hungry and marginalized families, St. John’s Episcopal Church’s endowment committee has approved grants to: Housing for the Homeless Coalition,  Midland’s Open Door,  CROP Hunger Walk,  King’s Daughter’s Christmas Closet,  SAMS Food Pantry,  New Hope Village,  Salvation Army  and  Midland Area Homes.

In 2015, St. John’s Episcopal Church’s Endowment Committee also selected ten (10) local agencies to present additional grants:  Habitat for Humanity,  Midland Area Homes,  Midland’s Open Door , The Rev. Ken Hitch’s Discretionary Fund,  Salvation Army ,  St. Andrew’s Flint,  St. Paul’s Saginaw ,  SAMS Food Pantry ,  Shelterhouse and  Toni & Trish House

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